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Location & Hours of Operation

2020 NW Aloclek Dr., #106
Hillsboro, OR 97124
* In the Cornelius Pass Business Park
Monday – Saturday : 10am – 7pm
Saturdays : 11am – 5pm
Sundays Closed.


iPhone, iPad and iPod

Repairs, Sales and Service

iPhone 4 60.00 glass lcd screens
iPhone 4s glass lcd screens 70.00
iPhone 5 glass lcd screens 110.00
iPhone 5c lcd and touch screen 115.00
iPhone 5s 115.00
iPod touch 4th gen 84.99 glass and lcd screens
iPad2 touch screens 110.00
iPad3 touch screens 124.99
iPad4 touch screens 134.99
iPad mini touch screens 134.99
iphone home buttom 4/4s fix 45.00
iPhone home button 5/5c/5s fix 70.00
iPhone 4/4s frame replacement (includes volume button and charger port) 75.00
iphone 5/5c/5s frame replacement 110.00
iPhone power button repair 80.00
iPhone speaker replacement with antenna 60.00
iPhone 4/4s logic board repair 125.00 (repair can take up to 10 business days)
iPhone 5/5c/5s logic board repair 200.00 (repair can take up to 10 business days)
iPhone 4/4s battery replacements 40.00
iPhone 5/5c/5s battery replacement 60.00
iPhone 4/4s charger port repairs 40.00
iPhone 5/5c/5s charger port repairs 85.00
All water damage treatment 80.00
iPad Repairs, Sales and Service
Battery Replacement 124.99
Back casing replacement 94.99

Android Repairs

Samsung Galaxy note2 glass/lcd full front bezel repair 200.00
Note 3 lcd 3/lcd full bezel replacement 279.99
Samsung Galaxy S3 glass repair – 80.00 full front bezel replacement 149.99
Samsung galaxy S4 glass repair – 95.00 full front bezel replacement 179.99
Samsung Galaxy S2 glass repair 65
HTC Droid DNA glass repair 169.99
Samsung charger repairs are Note 2,Note 3,S4 60.00
Water damage treatment 75
Samsung Batteries s2 s3,s4, 55
Samsung note 2 note 3 65
S3,s2 solder charger port repairs 50.00
Power button repairs we swap the boards for 150.00


How it Works

Once you make the payment send us or come see us with your iPhone, iPad and iPod, and we will ship it back with the new repair or you can come pick it up in store with a warranty on your repairs. (all warranties vary on device repair) We fully test the product before we ship your device or you come pick it up.

Cell Phone repairs, upgrades, sales and service.
Servicing: Portland Oregon, Beaverton Oregon, Aloha Oregon, Hillsboro Oregon

Hot Tech Mobile is the Top iPhone Repair and Samsung Repair Shop in Hillsboro.


Get Your Phone Screen or Phone Glass Repaired in Hillsboro

Get Your Phone Screen or Phone Glass Repaired in Hillsboro

Dropped your phone? Cracked screen? Broken iPhone Glass? Need glass repair or screen repair? Contact Hot Tech!

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Sell your phone in Hillsboro or Beaverton now at Hot Tech Mobile.

Sell your phone in Hillsboro or Beaverton now at Hot Tech Mobile.

Sell your phone in Hillsboro or Beaverton now at Hot Tech Mobile. Call us today! 503-616-3330 You can sell iPhone, android phone, tablets, macbooks and we also sell phones and trade! Best cell phone shop in Oregon!

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Hot Tech Mobile now in Hillsboro

Hot Tech Mobile now in Hillsboro

Hot Tech Mobile is now located off Aloclek and Cornelius Pass Road in NE Hillsboro. Across Cornelius Pass Road from Kohls and Starbucks, just south of the giant storage building, Hot Tech Mobile is now open for business in the Hillsboro/Orenco Station area. Bringing the best in Hillsboro Phone Repair and Beaverton Phone Repairs to […]

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How do I Sell My Phone in Beaverton?

How do I Sell My Phone in Beaverton?

Selling your phone in Beaverton, Hillsboro or Aloha with Hot Tech Computers is Easy. Just come by the store or call us at 503-616-3330 What Do I Need to Bring? The Phone! Any accessories Box, manual, etc. Anything that came with the phone that you still have. Your ID – Driver’s License or other legal […]

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Fast, Fun and Friendly Local Service!

Dealer Parts and Pricing

Are you a local dealer, repair shop or home based cellular phone repair business in the metro Portland area or other parts of Oregon and Washington? Need a part fast? Call Hot Tech Mobile! Special Dealer Pricing – Please call 503-616-3330 (option 2) and ask for Jaret iPhone Screens and Glass Samsung Screens and Glass Power Buttons Home Buttons Volume Buttons Antennae Microphones Batteries New and Used parts in stock!

White Label Repairs

At Hot Tech Mobile we will repair phones and tablets and other devices for your customers! Have something you cannot repair or just need some help with a backlog of repair jobs? Hot Tech can help! Call 503-616-3330 and press 2 for the service department.

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